We are a Girl centered recovery and empowerment ministry, aiming at creating safe spaces and opportunities for girls to recover and develop their lives and their communities

Areas of Intervention

Healing and Recovery. Leadership, Training, and Mentorship. Education

Our Values

Belief in Girls. Trust and Confidentiality. Honesty and Integrity. Inclusion and Diversity. Responsibility and Accountability. Hard Work and Creativity. Self-Love. Healing and Freedom

Our Story

We are born of every girl that is capable of reaching the stars, but afraid to – because of the weight and fear she carries, because of the abuses she has faced and still faces

Why we keep on

For every girl that is struggling to reach their destiny, for every girl that is trying to find their footing but being held back by the unfortunate circumstances that befell them. For every girl that wakes up and dresses to rock but fails because of the haunts and fears of “I am not Enough”. For every girl looking for a trusting community to belong to, looking for someone to genuinely talk to. For every girl that knows there is a lot in them to unleash, to build their lives on, to pour into the lives of others but doesn’t know how to start and where to start. For every girl that wants to be listened to without being judged.

Previous Memories